Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan: 2020-2025


Our nation’s coasts are on the front lines of climate change. Sea-level rise, increasingly dangerous storms, and polluted waters all place millions of lives and jobs at risk. These climate impacts threaten the natural resources, ecology, national security, and scenic beauty that sustain coastal communities and drive local economies.

We envision a future in which estuaries and bays are healthy, thriving, and resilient ecosystems for both people and wildlife. In moving towards this future, we look for inclusive community partners, strong sustainable funding, fully scaled infrastructure, and a national commitment to protecting and restoring our coasts. How our nation responds to these coastal climate impacts is profoundly important. Coasts serve as our first line of defense against storm surges and flooding, but they also sustain the livelihoods of millions of people. We are uniquely positioned to lead this charge; our influence stretches from the Puget Sound to Narragansett Bay, from the Gulf Coast to the Chesapeake. The time is now to save our bays and estuaries for future generations to enjoy.

Our Values




Our Goals

Goal 1: RAE will lead a national campaign aimed at achieving a massive federal investment for our estuaries at a level that is commensurate with the magnitude and scale of the climate threat. A sense of urgency underpins this effort as we seek to develop a broad, bipartisan coalition of congressional champions.

Results: Strong awareness at all levels of the critical role estuaries play as vanguards for coastal resilience in an era of climate change and legislated sources of federal funding that are diversified with new federal players.

Goal 2: We aim to engage a broader, more inclusive community to increase the scale of our efforts and achieve big wins that lead to healthy and resilient bays and estuaries.

Results: On-the-ground practitioners are adapting new strategies and achieving success in protecting and restoring our estuaries at the regional and local levels.

Goal 3: We will focus internally to increase our capacity as an organization and position ourselves as the “go-to” source for estuary priorities and resources.

Results: RAE’s mission and brand are widely recognized and increased funding supports the growing organization.

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