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Creating partnerships for good

In his book Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek explores the biological wiring that helped drive humans to evolve and succeed over our long history. Humans learned to form groups to cooperate and support each other in confronting external threats together—whether saber-toothed tigers, scarce resources, or harsh weather. What does that…

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Cleaning up down south

On a sunny afternoon in Mississippi, 1,000 volunteers put their collective power to work by cleaning up nearly 37,000 pounds of trash from local watershed. Pearl Riverkeeper hosts the annual Pearl River Clean Sweep, an event that unites 15 Mississippi counties and two Louisiana parishes to clean up more than…

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Why Earth Day is important to me

By Courtney Lewis One of the most important days for an environmentalist occurs later this month: Earth Day. Growing up, I always had a close connection to nature. My family came from the Midwest where farming and gardening were always important. I was fortunate enough to travel to Minnesota every…

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The secret is in the soil

When you look out across a salt marsh, what do you see? Perhaps you look to the water to see oyster beds and juvenile fish swimming-about. Or to the tall grassy marsh plants to see the many species of herons and other birds that find protection and food there. But when…

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Welcome Back!

Galveston Bay

Hello all you estuary lovers out there! We are so excited to get our blog back up and running again! We hope that this blog can serve as place where you can learn something new about our coasts and estuaries, find out more about the work going on around the…

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