Restore America's Estuaries Blog

Investing in Tampa Bay Restoration Projects

RAE works to protect estuaries at a variety of levels, from advocating on Capitol Hill around issues that impact coastal areas nationwide to supporting on-the-ground restoration projects in local communities. One example of our local-level impact is the success of the Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund (TBERF), which RAE co-manages…

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Restoring Estuaries by Eating Oysters

Guest blog by Claire Quinn. Oyster reefs are a critical ecosystem that have been negatively impacted by overharvesting, disease, and other factors. In order to restore oyster reefs, many conservation organizations put used oyster shells back into the water so oyster larvae, known as spat, have a hard substrate on…

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Cleaning up the Galveston Bay

Galveston Bay Foundation, a member of the RAE Alliance, has been increasing their focus on marine debris issues in recent years. With help from RAE and the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, they have been participating in large-scale clean-up efforts at sites along Galveston Bay.

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