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Webinar (6/1/2017) with guest speakers Dr. Steve Crooks (Silvestrum Climate Associates) and Dr. Meredith Muth (NOAA) on the US effort to include coastal wetlands into the National Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Webinar (3/30/17) hosted by NOAA & FWS Restoration Webinar Series featuring RAE Blue Carbon Manager presenting on "Aligning Coastal Habitat Restoration with the Carbon Markets: New Tools for Project Developers."

Access at

Webinar (2/16/17) hosted by the NASA Carbon Monitoring System Application Policy Speaker Series featuring RAE's Blue Carbon Program Manager, Stefanie Simpson, presenting on Blue Carbon Market Opportunities and Science Needs:

Webinar (2/8/17) with co-authors of the paper Clarifying the role of coastal and marine systems in climate mitigation as they discuss what habitats are included as blue carbon and why: 

Webinar (10/12/16) with guest speakers from the Mass Division on Ecological Restoration as they share a new blue carbon calculator tool for accounting GHG emissions in wetland restoration:

Webinar (7/7/16) presenting the findings of the Tampa Bay Blue Carbon Assessment:

Webinar (4/4/16) featuring guest experts from TerraCarbon - Learn what it takes to develop a successful blue carbon offset project:

Blue Carbon in Practice: Tips for developing a successful blue carbon offset project from Restore America's Estuaries on Vimeo.

This webinar (2/25/16) features methodology authors describing the recently approved Methodology for Tidal Wetland and Seagrass Restoration - the first to allow coastal restoration projects globally to earn carbon offsets:


Webinar: VCS VM0033 Tidal Wetland & Seagrass Restoration Methodology from Restore America's Estuaries on Vimeo.

This webinar (10/1/15) covers the basics of blue carbon potential and carbon markets:


Blue Carbon: A new tool for restoration and conservation efforts from Restore America's Estuaries on Vimeo.

Other Blue Carbon Webinars:

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