Blue Carbon Workshops

Blue Carbon Workshops build an understanding of blue carbon concepts and their application to increase the value of coastal wetland conservation and restoration projects. Workshops are customized to meet specific audience needs and can provide opportunities for 3444 222v2discussion and networking.

Workshop facilitators are among the world’s leading experts in this field. Workshop agendas generally consist of the following:

  • Introduction to Coastal Blue Carbon - Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and Tidal Wetlands, GHG Markets and Standards, Tidal Wetland & Seagrass Restoration Methodology, etc
  • How to Assess Blue Carbon Applications - Participants learn how to assess opportunities and constraints implementing carbon offset projects
  • Discussion/Regional Opportunities




Blue is the New Green: Including Coastal Wetlands in Sustainability Planning for Florida (8/24/17)



Blue Carbon: Taking the Next Steps Gulf Regional Workshop - New Orleans, LA (3/15/17)



Gulf Capacity Building Workshops: Apalachicola, FL; Grand Bay, MS; Rookery Bay, FL; Mission-Aransas, TX; Galveston, TX; Tampa, FL; Baton Rouge, LA

Apalachicola, FL (7/28/2015) Presentations:

Grand Bay, MS (9/10/2015) Presentations:

Rookery Bay, FL (10/22/2015) Presentations:

Mission-Aransas, TX (11/2/2015) Presentations:

Galveston, TX (4/6/2016) Presentations:

Tampa, FL (5/10/2016) Presentations: 

Baton Rouge, LA (6/28/2016) Presentations:

Blue Carbon Full-Day Workshop (11/2/14)


7th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration (11/3-5/14) - Blue Carbon Sessions and Presentations:

Coastal Blue Carbon: State of the Science, Tools, and Methodologies (Chair: Ariana Sutton-Grier, NOAA)

Coastal Blue Carbon: Policy Drivers (Chair: Amber Moore, NOAA)

Coastal Blue Carbon: Application in Estuaries (Chair: Steve Emmett-Mattox, Restore America's Estuaries)

Linking Blue Carbon Sience to Practice at the Waquoit Bay NERR (Chair: Tonna-Marie Rogers, WB NERR)


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