The Federal Funding Guide is a repository of information about federal programs that provide restoration project funding throughout the country and for a wide array of habitat, activity and recipient types. The funding guide provides a quick, comprehensive and accessible review of the often hidden federal funds that may be used to implement on-the-ground habitat restoration projects. Its design and layout provide users with easy access to critical information about funding and eligibility. In the Federal Funding Documents opportunities are listed in alphabetical order by Department.

The following files are available in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view them.

View proposed 2006 federal funding information:

View a history of federal funding information for 2000-2005:

Online Federal Funding Guide 1996-2005:

An online searchable database of federal funding opportunities from 1996 - present is available. Search for funding programs by federal agency, program, year, eligibility (recipient), authority, agent, support type, purpose and/or restoration activity. Access to the online database is available at Free registration is required.