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The Coastal Program is a voluntary habitat conservation program that works with communities to restore and protect habitats that are important to them. Coastal Program staff provide technical and financial assistance to partners carrying out conservation on public and private lands along the coast, including the Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Since 1985, the Coastal Program has forged partnerships with more than 6,400 partners and organizations. These collaborations have produced numerous restoration and conservation successes and have helped protect more than 2.1 million acres of habitat, restore over 550,000 acres and more than 2,600 miles of streams. The results of these partnership efforts has resulted in the delisting or down-listing of 20 federally-listed threatened and endangered species.

The Coastal Program is instrumental in delivering federal and partner resources to local economies:

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Coastal Program Offices

The Coastal Program has 8 regions of operation throughout the country with multiple office locations within each.

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Pacific Northwest