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Improving infrastructure, recreational access, and fish passage in Alaska

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska | 2014

The Harris River watershed is one of the largest producers of salmon, cutthroat trout, and other sportfish in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska. The watershed is periodically logged and culvert stream crossings were left in place to allow public access to the forest; however, the undersized culverts create barriers to fish passage and threaten road safety.

The Coastal Program and The Nature Conservancy worked together to replace culverts with span bridges, which allows the passage of storm flows and connectivity to the floodplain. The Coastal Program provided technical and financial assistance by conducting assessments, topographic surveys, permit compliance, and construction oversight. Other project partners included the U.S. Forest Service and the Prince of Wales Resource Advisory Committee.


Cover Photo: Pink salmon, Kentaro Yasui
Inset Photo: Culvert collage, Kentaro Yasui & USFWS