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Working with communities to support landscape-scale conservation plans in Gulf Coast

Texas | 2015

The Gulf Coast Joint Venture is a partnership among federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and private landowners dedicated to conserving priority bird habitat along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The Coastal Program and National Audubon Society are collaborating to support habitat objectives identified by the joint venture – conserving nesting habitat on islands along the Texas coast.

The Coastal Program conducted bird surveys that identified restoration locations and recommendations for reddish egrets, black skimmers, and other waterbirds and shorebirds. The National Audubon Society implemented the recommendations – nesting platform installations, vegetation management, and predator control. The Coastal Program evaluated these restoration efforts by monitoring the nesting success of black skimmers. The partnership also organized public events and trash cleanups to promote public awareness of bird conservation.

Cover/Inset Photos: Migratory birds, Woody Woodrow | USFWS