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Working with communities to recover the Delmarva fox squirrel

Maryland & Virginia | 2014

On the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia, communities have worked together to recover the Delmarva fox squirrel on the Delmarva Peninsula. Conservation efforts, such as squirrel reintroductions and habitat restoration, have recovered the fox squirrel range and population to a level that biologists believe can sustain the species.

The Coastal Program worked with private landowners to restore and protect habitats for the fox squirrel along the Chicamacomico River, near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The Coastal Program identified suitable habitat, acquired grant funding, and engaged landowners.

In 2015, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the Delmarva fox squirrel from the Endangered Species List. Since then, new fox squirrel populations were found in Delaware indicating that they are expanding into their historic range. Other project partners include the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program.

Delmarva fox squirrels may look like a typical gray squirrel; however, they can be over two feet long and weigh three pounds, are lighter in color, and have a more shy nature.

Cover Photo: Delmarva fox squirrel, Chesapeake Bay Program
Inset Photo: Delmarva fox squirrel, Larry Meade