To demonstrate support for key federal program that benefit estuaries and to raise awareness among Congress and the Administration, Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE), the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA), and the Association of National Estuary Programs (ANEP) joined forces to celebrate Valentine’s Day through a 3-day #Iheartestuaries campaign.

Many key federal programs, including the USFWS Coastal Program, NOAA’s Office of Habitat Conservation, NOAA’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System, and EPA’s National Estuary Program are critical to ensuring we have healthy coastal waters and vibrant coastal communities.

Keep yours eyes peeled for ways to join us to show Congress and the Administration that there is a lot of love for estuaries and that protecting estuaries means protecting our future.

For additional questions and information, you can check out our FAQ here or email Rob Shane, Communications Manager for RAE.


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Your local estuary is a place to feel positive, get focused, and channel your creative vibes. #IHeartEstuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops @AppropsDems

$1 invested in restoration creates $4 in economic value by enhancing tourism/fishing #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops

Most of the fish and shellfish eaten in the US spend some or all of their life in estuaries. @NOAAHabitat’s work restoring estuaries helps protect these species—and the jobs and communities they support. #iheartestuaries

More than 600 commercial fish species spend some part of their lives in an estuary #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops

Estuaries support 2/3 of all commercial seafood #iheartestuaries @CommerceGov @HouseAppropsGOP @AppropsDems @SenateApprops 

$1 invested in hazards planning saves $4 in emergency disaster spending #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops

Estuaries are a vital part of our natural infrastructure that benefit our economy in many ways #iheartestuaries @SenateApprops @HouseAppropsGOP @AppropsDems