Living Shorelines From Barriers to Opportunities

Published: 2015

As we experience the impacts of climate change, wise shoreline management is critical both to protect property interests and protect estuarine ecosystems. Mounting evidence shows that hardened shorelines management techniques do not function well over time in many settings and that they do real and widespread harm to estuarine ecosystems. In contrast, living shorelines protect ecosystem services and perform better over time in controlling erosion and preventing catastrophic flood and storm damage. Why, then, is there not broad use and support of living shorelines?

To answer this question, Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) empaneled a committee of experts to investigate what institutional barriers are hindering the broader use of living shorelines and to recommend appropriate actions to remove those barriers.

Download the report: Living Shorelines From Barriers to Opportunities

Suggested Citation: Restore America’s Estuaries. 2015. Living Shorelines: From Barriers to Opportunities. Arlington, VA.