Tampa Bay Blue Carbon Assessment

Published: June 2016 (revised April 2017)

This study analyzed the past and future climate mitigation benefits of habitat restoration in Tampa Bay, and identified opportunities for enhanced ecosystem management that can provide agencies and community members in the region with information to support coastal management planning and prioritize restoration and climate adaptation planning.

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Additional resources for this assessment:

Addendum to the Tampa Bay Blue Carbon Assessment – elaborates on the technical details that went into the greenhouse gas analysis described in the June 2016 Tampa Bay Blue Carbon Assessment: Summary of Findings, specifically the analysis that went into results presented in Table 14.

Tampa Bay Estuary Program and USF Water Atlas created an online resource for this assessment and the modelling used to predict blue carbon potential and sea-level rise impacts to the region. The interactive website is online at http://maps.wateratlas.usf.edu/blue-carbon/

Analysis and Recommendation for Grouping Blue Carbon Projects in Tampa Bay – A potential challenge to developing carbon offset projects in Tampa Bay is cost and scalibility of bring a project to market. An alternative project design method of “grouping” allows project developers to aggregate smaller project together for offset project development. This report describes howto use a “grouped project approach” for realizing carbon offsets, with specific recommendations for Tampa Bay stakeholders.