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Across the nation, communities are coming together to protect our coasts. Find an #EstuariesWeek event near you! Click to tweet!

It’s National #EstuariesWeek … Did you know our coastal counties provide >40% of our national GDP!? #CelebrateTheCoast @NOAA @EPAGov Click to tweet!

It’s National #EstuariesWeek … Did you know 2/3 of fish and shellfish we eat live in estuaries at some point?! #CelebrateTheCoast @NOAA @EPAGov Click to tweet!

>68% of commercial fish catch and >80% of recreational fish catch find habitat in estuaries at some point in their life! #EstuariesWeek Click to tweet!

Did you know healthy estuaries support recreational fisheries? Rec anglers spent >$28 billion on trips and equip in 2015! #EstuariesWeek Click to tweet!

Did you know that estuaries provide important protection against flooding by acting like giant sponges? #EstuariesWeek Click to tweet!

Estuaries protect us from dangerous flooding events. Return the favor by volunteering for an #EstuariesWeek event! Click to tweet!

Estuaries are vital to coastal economies. Lend your support by signing up for an #EstuariesWeek event near you! Click to tweet!

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