Though it’s technically still winter, Restore America's Estuaries asks you to spring into action to help protect the vital waters and habitats of our estuaries, which are facing mounting threats from possible changes in regulation and program funding. Now more than ever we need to protect our bays and estuaries and show why they are so incredibly important. Now more than ever we need your help to do so.
Why you should care about protecting and restoring our bays and estuaries? 
Beyond the environmental importance of estuaries, one frequently overlooked component of their value is the fact that the coastal regions where they exist are economic engines. In 2010, 39 percent of Americans lived in coastal shorelines counties. These coastal regions support 51 million jobs, generate 45% of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) and support $70 billion in international fisheries trade.

Estuaries provide vital habitat for over 75% of the nation’s commercial fish catch. Protecting and restoring these areas therefore not only has massive implications for the nation’s economy but also for its food supply.

What can you do? Donate to RAE to protect and restore our nations estuaries!

The RAE Alliance embodies the aspirations of millions of citizens in all coastal regions of America to reclaim a legacy of healthy coasts for future generations. Together we can protect and restore the lands and waters essential to the richness of all life along America’s coastlines and estuaries.

Take a stand today for the estuaries and donate to us. We can’t do it without your help! And be sure to use the hashtag #SpringIntoAction.  


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2015 Accomplishments

In one year, RAE was able to accomplish: