Information for E-Poster Presenters

Information for E-Poster Presenters



Deadline for upload: Thursday, September 10, 2020.
File formats accepted: PDF with a 90 second video option.
Leveraging the Virtual Format: E-posters will be searchable and available for viewing by registered attendees at any time after September 15.
File Naming: LastName_FirstName_PosterTopicArea
Topic Areas for 2020: Coastal ecological restoration, Coastal management, Diversity, equity, and inclusion, Disaster planning, response, recovery, and resilience, Nature-based shoreline management approaches including living shorelines, Coastal water resources, Education, Economy, finance, and investment, Science and technology, Planning, policy, and administration, Large-scale management and restoration.


To accommodate different approaches to poster presentations, we are offering two ways to prepare your virtual poster.

1. Prepare a PDF version of your poster (i.e., as if you were going to print off and bring to an in-person meeting) and upload that directly. There are no formatting requirements. Registered attendees will be able to view and download your poster. You may also add a 90-second, integrated narrated video if you choose. For information from Adobe on how to embed videos into your pdf, visit this link.

2. Prepare a PDF-version of un-narrated slides for attendees to view. These would likely consist of sections of the poster (i.e., Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions) that attendees view part-by-part at their own speed. Presenters should limit themselves to 6–12 slides, formatted as the author chooses.


  • Follow the usual recommendation about poster design, font size, etc.
  • Here are some helpful guidelines for creating your poster
  • Because these presentations will be available for later viewing, please avoid the use of copyrighted material unless you have permission.
  • Make sure to include your preferred contact information (e.g., email, social media handles).


• The deadline for upload is Thursday, September 10, 2020.
• Further upload instructions are coming soon.


• Your presentation will be available on a searchable website by Tuesday, September 15 and will be hosted there for up to 9 months after the Summit.