A monumental task: the 2018 Summit program

Pulling together the Summit is a monumental task – we’ve likened it to herding 800 over-caffeinated cats. It’s a huge undertaking and one that relies not only on the participation of proposal submitters, but also our amazing program committee and my outstanding co-lead, Julia Wyman, shown here as we donned our Program Queen personas.

In moments when I have a chance to sit back and reflect upon it, I feel extraordinarily lucky to have a unique perspective on all the phenomenal accomplishments, programs, research, and efforts that are occurring within the coastal restoration and management community. It’s not often that we have a chance to see the breadth and depth of the work that’s occurring. Too often, we are siloed into our own specialties and day-to-day tasks and we do not take the time to appreciate just how much great stuff is going on. It’s amazing what people are doing. Everything from innovative engagement and education, groundbreaking scientific studies, policy, and beyond. The best part is that the Summit program has it all.

While they vary in size, the Summit program has tracks on:

  • Habitat restoration: from on-the-ground lessons learned to policy and everything in between
  • Coastal management: including disaster preparation and response
  • America’s Pacific Coast
  • Innovative financing and funding
  • Living shorelines and nature-based approaches
  • Science and technology
  • Blue carbon
  • Sediment management and reuse
  • …and much more!

I hope you’ll join Julia, me, and many others at the Summit as we learn, explore, and get inspired by all the work our colleagues are doing. See you in December!

We posted an interim program that’s available here. We’ll post the final version shortly and the Summit app will be released later this month. The app will have all the latest and greatest program details, along with lots of other information – stay tuned for updates on that front.