Army Corps Receives Additional Funding, Billions Toward Protecting Estuaries

By Kevin Culp

Between the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022, the US Army Corps of Engineers has received an additional $22.81 billion in funding.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding allocation ($17.099B):

  • $5 billion – climate change resiliency
  • $3.936 billion – improve commercial navigation in both inland waterways and coastal ports
  • $1.098 billion – South Florida Ecosystem Restoration
  • $130 million – environmental justice pilot programs targeting economically disadvantaged communities
  • Up to $465 million for shoreline protection and to improve aquatic ecosystem

Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022 funding allocation ($5.711B):

  • $3 billion – flood and storm damage protection (11 projects)
  • $868 million – construct and repair projects on Mississippi River and Tributaries
  • Mainly funded for and tasked with disaster relief and assisting Department of Housing and Urban Development

We are excited to see the largest ever investment in the Everglades. We hope to see this funding invested towards protecting freshwater sources, strengthening local ecosystems, and combatting climate change in one of America’s largest estuaries.


Kevin Culp is a first year student at American University studying international. He is from the Washington, D.C. region and is interning with Restore America’s Estuaries this Spring.