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The Economic Value of America’s Estuaries

Estuaries have always been an essential feature of the economy.  “The Economic Value of America’s Estuaries,” written by the Center for the Blue Economy and TBD Economics LLC for the non-profit organization Restore America’s Estuaries, details the surprisingly huge contribution of these areas to the U.S. economy, and fills in a critical gap for coastal managers and…

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Estuaries, though small, have huge economic impact: report

By Jennifer Allen, Though “geographically small,” estuaries are “economically huge,” according to a recently released update to a decade-old report on the economic value of these coastal regions where rivers mix with salt water. Restore America’s Estuaries and The Ocean Foundation released in 2009 the report, “The Economic and…

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NOAA-Funded Toolkit Empowers Citizen-Driven Coastal Actions

Restore America’s Estuaries and NOAA Launch Coastal Restoration Toolkit Washington, D.C. — Today, Restore America’s Estuaries and NOAA launched Coastal Restoration Toolkit ( ), a new website that provides resources and project examples for both citizen-driven and organizational coastal restoration projects. Since nearly 50% of the U.S. population live…

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