About Summit

About Summit

Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) and the Coastal States Organization (CSO) co-host The National Coastal and Estuarine Summit. We bring together the coastal restoration and management communities for integrated discussions to explore issues, solutions, and lessons learned in their work. The Summit explores cutting-edge issues in coastal restoration and management and highlights the latest research through interactive sessions, plenary speakers, and poster presentations. It invites a unique blend of people who are involved in policy, science, strategy, business, and on-the-ground restoration and management.


The Summit is an international gathering encompassing all disciplines within the coastal and estuarine restoration and management communities. RAE and CSO work with partnering and supporting organizations to develop and host the Summit for attendees from the restoration and management communities: non-profit and community organizations, indigenous peoples, academic and research institutions, businesses with an interest in the coast, and agencies from all levels of government. Restoration and management practitioners, citizens and community leaders, consultants, scientists, educators, planners, engineers, students, volunteers, philanthropists, program managers, field staff, contractors, regulators, and others involved in restoration and management efforts are encouraged to participate.

RAE Alliance staff at the 2018 Summit in Long Beach, CA.

Past Conferences

2020 Providence, RI
2018 Long Beach, CA
2016 New Orleans, LA
2014 Washington, DC
2012 Tampa, FL
2010 Galveston, TX
2008 Providence, RI
2006 New Orleans, LA
2004 Seattle, WA
2003 Baltimore, MD

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