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Important COVID-19 Announcement

Over the past two months RAE and CSO have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely to determine its potential impact on the 2020 National Coastal and Estuarine Summit. While we have maintained our optimism, we have now been notified that the Rhode Island Convention Center has been contracted by the state to become a COVID-19 care center through this October. An in-person meeting in October is therefore no longer possible and our hopes for such a meeting have been replaced with yet another reality of the global pandemic. 

We remain dedicated to the importance of collaboration across the many sectors of the coastal and estuarine research and management community, and we are actively working on alternative options for hosting the Summit. We deeply regret this inconvenience but, as you can imagine, it is well beyond our control. 

While RAE and CSO are disappointed that we will not be able to host the in-person National Coastal and Estuarine Summit this fall, we look forward to hosting a meaningful alternative event. However, we also recognize that the COVID-19 situation and its impacts will remain quite unpredictable for the foreseeable future. We will therefore provide updates via email and our website as our plans develop. We appreciate your interest in and support of the National Summit. 




Past Conferences

2018Long Beach, CA
2016New Orleans, LA
2014Washington, DC
2012Tampa, FL
2010Galveston, TX
2008Providence, RI
2006New Orleans, LA
2004Seattle, WA
2003Baltimore, MD

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