The history of Hairstory

Every day across the globe, people wake up, stumble into the shower, and wash their hair. Millions of gallons of detergent-based shampoo laced with miscellaneous chemicals snakes its way into waterways and treatment plants. And every day, hundreds of thousands of hairdressers lead their clients to washing stations to massage grateful scalps with pampering lather.

That’s why we created Hairstory. As a company that makes products to satisfy both consumers and hairdressers, water is our lifeblood. It makes our work possible, and makes our hero product New Wash able to do its job. But instead of doing it with detergent, we invented a special blend of essential oils and saturated cleansers that are both far kinder to the hair, the scalp, and the highly efficient human moisture system (think sebum) – and far less hostile to the environment than shampoo is.

So as a part of our environmental initiative, and a desire to engage our customers in charitable giving, we decided to become a contributing company to 1% For The Planet. We direct our contributions of 1% of sales of New Wash to organizations with a focus on water-related conservation issues.

Each quarter for the last two years, we have chosen five worthy candidates and published their information in emails and on our website. We then invite customers to vote for their favorites, and allocate donations accordingly. The organization with the most votes receives half of the funds collected. Second in line receives 20% and the remaining three share the remainder.

This initiative serves to remind everyone in the Hairstory community of our commitment to sustainable practices, and it reminds them when they make their way to the shower that there’s something different about their routine – they’re doing a good thing for their own bodies, which, of course are inseparable from our miraculous planet.

You can vote today for Restore America’s Estuaries in the 1% For The Planet contest. Vote as much as you like between now and June 30, 2019!

Sierra Gabriele is a coach with Hairstory.