2022 Projects

2022 Contributors: Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Mosaic, Private Donations, and Trademark Metals Supplemental Environmental Project(SEP) Awards

Controlling Pyrodinium Outbreaks of Tampa Bay Estuary using Low-cost Biochars
$104,809 | Florida Institute of Technology
The Florida Institute of Technology will investigate whether low-cost, commercially available biochar can be used to adsorb Pyrodinium bahamense, the dinoflagellate responsible for recurring summertime algae blooms in Old Tampa Bay.

Newman Branch Creek Living Shoreline
$120,000 | Ecosphere Restoration Institute
Ecosphere Restoration Institute will restore the natural slope and install native vegetation along 550 linear feet of Newman Branch Creek. This nature-based shoreline project will also remove invasive Brazilian pepper and other exotics on approximately 8 acres adjacent to the creek.

Caulerpa-seagrass interactions and functional comparison of associated communities in Tampa Bay
$87,755 | University of Tampa
The University of Tampa will conduct field experiments to test rates of colonization of C. prolifera into areas of bare sand bay bottom, as well as compare the epifaunal community and epiphytes between macroalgae and seagrass habitats.

Perico Preserve Mangrove Habitat Restoration
$150,000 | Manatee County
Manatee County will develop and implement a restoration plan to address the causes of mangrove mortality at Perico Preserve.

Web-based Dashboard for Twitter Analytics on Environmental Issues
$38,618 | New College of Florida
New College of Florida will create a dashboard to inform local officials and resource managers about public sentiment on various environmental issues. Focusing on Twitter analytics, the project will develop a framework for evaluating how data from social media may be used to respond to public concerns and raise awareness about environmental events or topics.

Evaluating the role of green infrastructure for mitigating short- and long-term impacts of climate change and sea level rise in Old Tampa Bay
$98,808 | Florida State University
Florida State University will develop an interactive, web-based decision support tool for planners and decision makers to evaluate the impact of sea level rise and climate change on nutrient pollution in the Sweetwater Creek watershed and identify the most resilient and cost-effective green infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of nutrients in the face of climate change and sea level rise.

Fishhook Spoil Island Restoration Design
$63,250.00 | Audubon Florida
Audubon Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries will design and permit a living shoreline project on Fishhook Spoil Island to protect the island from erosion and enhance bird nesting habitat.

Reimaging stormwater and food production for improved nutrient managementin Tampa Bay
$62,864 | University of South Florida
The University of South Florida and the Coalition of Community Gardens will co-develop an educational framework for best practices related to nutrient management and alternative water supplies at community and residential gardens.