Corporate Partners Shine at 2020 Summit

Supporters from public, private, and non-profit sectors make 2020 Summit a success

By Lance Speidell

The National Coastal & Estuarine Summit is well known for bringing together committed conservation and restoration professionals from a wide variety of geographies and organizations.  

Similarly, the Summit’s sponsors also include a diverse mix of organizations representing sectors including: government agencies, foundations, associations, and nonprofit organizations working at scales ranging from local to international.  

The support of these organizations for the coastal community and for the Summit are essential to the future of the areas we work to protect, and their cooperation within and across sectors has led to many incredible successes. Today, however, we’d like to recognize our sponsors from the private sector.  

Because many people think of government agencies and non-profits as the primary stewards of the environment, the large and many contributions of private-sector companies can sometimes be overlooked.  

Our corporate partners work hand-in-hand with government agencies, nonprofits, communities, and other corporations to lead and execute important environmental projects from planning to implementation and through to monitoring. Others provide equipment and services, or lead the scientific research and advances that make such projects possible across the country and around the world.  

The commitment, resources, innovation, and collaboration of our private sector sponsors are significant factors in the protection and restoration of the irreplaceable natural areas and resources that we all fight to protect on a daily basis.  

We offer our sincere thanks to these companies, and encourage you to visit their Expo Hall booths to learn about the great work that they do and the impacts that they bring about.   

2020 Corporate Sponsors

Ørsted Fuss & O’Neill AECOM Anthropocene Coasts
Capital Meeting Planning Cargill HDR VHB
Blue Robotics EA Engineering, Science & Technology Moffatt & Nicol Reef Innovations
Santec Tetra Tech Beta Group Eureka Water Probes



Lance Speidell is the Senior Director of Development for Restore America’s Estuaries. He is based in Arlington, VA.