Part of the Inclusive Coasts Initiative’s goals is to provide opportunities for grantmakers, project implementers, educators, and members of the coastal community to engage in two series of workshops: 

  • one series for grantmakers focused on improving promotion and access to funding opportunities for traditionally marginalized communities
  • one series for project implementers aimed at improving collaboration and communication on project siting, design, and completion to incorporate just and equitable outcomes for all coastal communities

The Inclusive Coasts Initiative kicked off with the Grantmakers series in February 2022. Topics included: 

Phase two of our workshop series was aimed at project implementors in September 2022.

RAE will also collaborate with the working group, consultant, and workshop participants to develop resources and best practice guidance from ICI workshops and discussions. These documents will be made available to the public to facilitate further integration and dissemination of DEIJ concepts. 

Stay tuned and sign up for updates on our landing page to learn more about the implementers series and future cross-sectional opportunities. 

Stay informed on upcoming opportunities!