Living Shorelines

2019 Living Shorelines Tech Transfer Workshop

Beaufort, NC | October 8-9, 2019

Restore America’s Estuaries, in partnership with the North Carolina Coastal Federation, hosted the 2019 Living Shorelines Tech Transfer Workshop in Beaufort, North Carolina. Bringing together experts and practitioners from across the country, we learned about emerging techniques, regulation, and how to engage your community.

View the final agenda here Download the workshop summary here

Workshop participants board boats to tour living shorelines projects on the North Carolina coast.

2018 Living Shorelines Transfer Workshop
Oakland, CA | February 21-22, 2018

Restore America’s Estuaries, in partnership with Save The Bay – San Francisco and the California State Coastal Conservancy, is pleased to have co-hosted the second national living shorelines workshop! This year’s program covered the major developments in living shorelines, including science, policy, outreach, and more. The program was a mix of presentation and group activities, with the primary goal being to advance the community and learn from each other in order to increase the efficacy and implementation of these approaches.

View the final agenda here. View the workshop final report here.


2015 Living Shorelines Tech Transfer Meeting and Regional Workshops
Hartford, CT | December 1-2, 2015

Sound Science, Innovative Approaches, Connected Community

Restore America’s Estuaries in partnership with the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate  Adaptation (CIRCA) was pleased to co-host the first-of-its-kind national living shorelines conference. Living Shorelines: Sound Science, Innovative Approaches, Connected Community featured nationally-relevant issues and discussions along with region-specific workshops.

View the final agenda here. View the workshop final report here.

2013 Mid-Atlantic Living Shorelines Summit
Cambridge, MD | December 10-11, 2013

Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we going?

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and Restore America’s Estuaries were pleased to co-host the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Living Shorelines Summit, an in-depth discussion of the state of science, policy, and practice of living shorelines in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Summit was a two-day collaborative meeting highlighting the latest advancements in living shoreline research, design, implementation, and policy. The format encouraged an open dialogue about past and current restoration practices, barriers to implementation, and ways to strengthen the living shorelines community across the Mid-Atlantic region. Brainstorming sessions motivated collaboration within and between sectors to identify gaps and challenges limiting effectiveness within the living shorelines field.

The diversity of the living shorelines community was reflected in the range of participants from local, state, and federal governments, nonprofit organizations, marine contractors, environmental consultants, academia, private industry, and resource managers. By exploring a variety of themes and topics, it was hoped that the Summit would propel research, restoration practices, and policy forward, galvanizing the community of practitioners, and stimulating collaboration amongst participants and constituent groups from across the Mid-Atlantic region.

View the workshop final report here.