The majesty of this place

With help from the USFWS Coastal Program, Great Land Trust in Alaska was able to protect thousands of acres of land that include vital coastal habitats.

Fighting against red tide

While most people can recognize the term “red tide,” many may not know what it means. So what is a red tide, and why are they a problem?

Charting a course for a river’s future

Learn how many partners in the small town of Whitefield, Maine came together to remove a dam for the betterment of the local habitat while successfully preserving its history.

The next Living Shorelines Act

Rep. Pallone of New Jersey has put forth a new living shorelines bill that will allocate $50 million towards investing in these natural infrastructure solutions.

The history of Hairstory

Most of us take showers every day. But do you know what’s in your hair products and the potential harm they have on the environment? Hairstory is working to change that.