Capacity Building

Blue Carbon workshop at Grand Bay NERR, MS, 2015

Blue Carbon workshops build an understanding of blue carbon concepts and their applications for increasing the value of coastal wetland protection and restoration activities. Workshops are customized to meet specific audience needs and provide opportunities for discussion and networking.

Workshop agenda are customized but generally consist of the following:

  • Introduction to Coastal Blue Carbon – Greenhouse gases and tidal wetlands, markets and standards, tools and resources available, etc.
  • How to identify and assess blue carbon opportunities – Barriers, opportunities and constraints for implementing carbon offset projects.
  • Highlight of regional and national blue carbon initiatives.

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Get a glimpse of what to expect with these resources from past blue carbon workshops:

Blue is the New Green: Including Coastal Wetlands in Sustainability Planning for FL (8/24/17)

Gulf Capacity Building Workshop – Baton Rouge, LA (6/28/16)